SAFER St. Lucie Timeline

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Hurricanes Frances and Jeanne
INTACT formed and established as a 501(c)3


Hurricane Wilma


My Safe Florida Home Mitigation Program – Grant funds received and 472 homes strengthened against future storms.
Continued home repairs for those with unmet needs from 2004 and 2005 using Volunteer Florida Foundation and American Red Cross grant funds.


Tropical Storm Fay


Merged COAD and long term recovery organization (INTACT) to form SAFER St. Lucie


Members completed Community Based Disaster Coalition Training as SAFER St. Lucie.
Strategic Planning in process Goal set to become a Safe Community

old-coad-logoVolunteer/Community Organizations Active in Disaster

Many communities are ill-prepared for the impact of a disaster on their lives, property and lifestyle. History has shown that without preparedness, the ability to return to a sense of normalcy after a disaster is dramatically impaired.  There is a locally coordinated networking organization that focuses on supporting preparedness, Volunteer Organizations Active In Disaster (VOAD) and St. Lucie founded a local VOAD based on the national best practices guidelines.

In 2004, the community was hit by two major hurricanes in a three week period, demolishing homes, destroying property, and devestating neighborhoods.  The planning and coordination of local organizations through VOAD led to an organized response and a return to life pre-storm for many residents.

In 2008, in an effort to expand community membership, VOAD changed its name to Community Organizations Active in Disasters (COAD). Residents with resources for recovery post disaster, such as insurance and FEMA, were able to move to other residences, rebuild, and get back to life.  However, it became apparent that ongoing coordination would be necessary to ensure that those with continuing unmet needs would also be able to recover.

Long Term Disaster Recovery

With a growing awareness of the long term disaster impact in St. Lucie, many of the County's community based organizations united to form a long-term disaster recovery organization focused on identifying a clear path to recovery without duplication of services, effort, energy and finances. Incorporated in 2005 as the St. Lucie Inspired Network to Achieve Community Together (INTACT), the group became a not-for-profit (501(c)(3)) and worked diligently to bring together organizations providing goods, services, and resources.

As a registered non-profit, INTACT also qualified for grant funding that helped to ensure that sufficient resources were available to meet the unmet need.  Members included private and faith-based organizations, and representatives from the local, state, and federal government offices.  Bringing financial resources, materials, and manpower, a coordinated case management system was implemented to help link survivors with resources after other assistance was exhausted.

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